About Employment Services

This website is dedicated to help Early Education /Child Care Centers and Teachers/Directors find each other – at no cost to them. Why do we do this? Simply, because we are committed to improving operational efficiency and decreasing the cost of early childhood education (6 weeks to Kindergarten). Decreasing the cost of early education is a national priority – at least we see it that way. Due to the high turnover in this industry, a major contributor to high cost is continuous recruitment and its associated expense. This website will help eliminate the cost of advertising by providing a continuous database of teachers looking for employment and centers looking for teachers. Please help us support you by telling your fellow teachers or other Center Owners/Directors about us. The more teachers and centers participate, the more useful this website will be for both.

Mission Statement.

To Decrease the Cost of Early Education by Providing Fundamental Human Resources Strategies – including Employment Matching Services.

Vision Statement

To Increase Access to Effective and High Impact Early Education

IMPORTANT: Please note that this website serves only to connect Centers to potential employees. We do not verify credentials or statements made in Centers’ or teachers’ profile. Each party is responsible for verifying each other’s statements before making a commitment.