Even though this website is dedicated to all the hardworking teachers, directors, and owners, and is committed to matching optimal teacher candidates to centers and vice versa, let’s not forget that in the end it’s really about the children.  How they do? How they learn? What they learn? Nevertheless, no matter how good a teacher you are, or no matter how awesome a center you have, neither is of any use if parents cannot afford it.

Children, all children, are society’s most valuable assets.  Thus, they all deserve the best education and environment their parents can provide.  However, there is more - they should be able to afford it.  With the Early Education/Child Care industry being so fragmented, there is a dizzying array of different centers and price points to choose from.  The good ones are expensive and not accessible by many.  We believe Early Educational programs not only need to be good, they also need to be affordable and accessible.

This website is our effort to keep early education affordable by eliminating the cost of recruiting/advertising for teachers – a substantial cost.  However, we believe, and hope, this site will do more.  It will educate, provide a forum for discussion, and in general inform centers/directors and teachers alike about what it takes to be a successful team.  It is our hope it will help teachers by providing articles and discussions about what goes into making a decision about where to work and how to advance in that position once they get there.  Moreover, it is important that teachers understand that, in addition to advancing their own success, they have to help enhance the center’s success as well.  Likewise, for centers/directors, this site will stimulate discussion about what a good center/director should be doing.  Centers/Directors should not only think about the center’s success but also proactively help teachers enhance their careers. 

We hope that the accompanying blog articles help teachers and centers/directors think through what they believe to be good work practices for them.  Our blogs will provoke thought, suggest ideas, and stimulate healthy and constructive discussions. Hopefully, it will also provide clarity regarding the path to success for both teachers and centers/directors.

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