How it Works?

This website helps Early Learning/Child Care Centers and potential employees connect easily. The Primeron-Employment Services will be a permanent repository of Centers for potential employees and of potential employees for Centers. There is no expiration date for your presence on this website. The search engine is designed to search by zip code and by how many miles from that zip code you are willing to travel as an employee. Simply put these two parameters in and click search. All listings available will then appear and you can then contact any person on that list (if you are a Center) or any Center on that list (if you are a potential employee).

Due to the high turnover in this industry, there is always a need for temporary employees.  This website will also serve as a permanent resource for temporary teachers.  Teachers who wish to provide temporary services can simply check the box that says “temp” and their profile will be tagged as such.  Then, when centers search for “temp” workers, a list of available temp employees will appear.  This will be extremely helpful for both centers and temp employees.

This industry has many challenges related to human resource management, and this website will also provide insights into how to approach some of these challenges. It also provides some brief ideas about how to be a good owner, teacher, director, etc. These informational articles are not static, and we will continue to add to these to create an ever expanding list of articles that provides suggestions on how to improve human resources management.

Please note that this website is provided as part of our mission to make this industry more efficient and affordable by reducing costs – which is why these services are provided at no charge. However, the success of this website depends on how many Centers and potential employees use it. Please sign up, and please do tell a friend (or two or three or many more) about us so that we can accomplish our mission.

Thank you!!